The advantages of cleaning the windows in your home are often obvious. But when staging your home for sale, the difference can often be in the fine details.

The concept of curb appeal is based on first impressions of the buyer, and the most astute buyers will notice clean windows. On the interior, clean windows allow bright, natural light show off the best features of your home. Outside, they will help create a clean and inviting view from the street.

Sure, anything to help your curb appeal is worthwhile. But you might notice an actual difference in the value of your home and a return on the investment of simply getting your windows cleaned.

Consider that 75 percent of people who first view a property online will drive by before they contact an agent, according to Homestaging for Dummies. Not only does curb appeal sell 49 percent of homes, per the National Association of Realtors, a good first impression of a home can actually add 5 to ten percent to the value of the home, according to the president of the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers.

Money Magazine surveyed 2,000 real estate agents and found out the improvement that generates the best return on investment is clean windows, estimating the ROI on window cleaning to be an astounding 768 percent.

We know curb appeal matters, and the lesson here is to not overlook your windows.

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