Cape Cod style homes are popular in the coastal communities of Southern California, and it's a style that appeals to arguably the largest segment of single family home buyers in the nation.

Cape Cod home architecture is one of the earliest style of homes built the in United States, dating back to the 1600s when English settlers drew their wisdom from the simple cottages in England. They adapted this original British design to deal with the harsh winters of the Northeast by having the chimney the focal point of the interior, providing heat to rooms clustered around it. The exterior utilizes cedar shingles on the fascia and roof to keep the cold out and a steep roof helps to discard rain and snow quickly. Cape Cod style architecture was created mainly for function, but offers a classic and oft sought after appearance.

How do you identify a Cape Cod style home? There are some key features to look for including

a large, central chimney, steep roof, windows on each side of the door and dormers on each side of the chimney, a narrow captain's stairway, and shingle siding weathered gray shingles are one of the most recognizable elements of a Cape Cod style home.

Due to their age, this style of home may be due for a major remodel. Luckily, Cape Cod style homes in Southern California are often in better shape than East Coast versions, which can date back to the 17th and 18th centuries. On the bright side, the simple construction of this architecture style can make is easy to adapt these homes to your modern needs.

Cape cod style homes are usually cozy may boast a less expensive asking price since many were built during the 1950s. A cape cod style home can be a terrific starter homes or a way for retired couples to live out their days in the community of their choice without the costs associated with larger, modern homes.

When it comes to purchasing a home the architectural style may be overlooked in favor of focusing on location, school districts, available homes and other pressing constraints.

But for some buyers looking for their Southern California dream home, architecture styles may be a hugely important aspects to choosing their new home.

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