Income properties are bought or developed so the owner can earn income by renting/leasing the property or through price appreciation over time. There are many types of income properties an investor may consider including:

Single Family Investment Property
Second Home/Vacation Home Investment Property
Small Multifamily Investment Property
Large Multifamily Investment Property

Mixed Use Investment Property
Office Investment Property
Retail Investment Property
Industrial Investment Property
Land as an Investment Property 

Why buy income properties?
There are many benefits to income properties including developing a passive income stream and receiving tax deduction benefits. Read more about 5 benefits of Investing in Income properties.

If you are considering an income property in Redondo Beach income properties, Manhattan Beach income properties, Torrance income properties, Hawthorne income properties or other South Bay income properties, a knowledgeable local real estate agent will help you make the most of your income property purchase.

Share your income property desires with your agent and always give detailed information to your real estate agent about your likes and dislikes. Choose an agent who you can communicate well with so they can educate you about the market and successfully negotiate for your aims. 

The South Bay cities offer a unique beach community living experience in Los Angeles and a thriving need for good rental properties, both vacation and domestic. If you are planning to buy a South Bay Income Property the local market conditions will determine asking prices. Your agent will be the most help if they are an expert in your specific area and will also save you time in your income property search. Well connected Realtors may also have access to off-market real estate intelligence to help you snag the perfect investment property before it even hits the market.

Make a list of the features you're looking for in your income property and contact your agent today to begin your income property search!

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